About Us

Two guys from different decades, backgrounds, and opposite sides of the continent discussing Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Whats the show about?

About an hour…


Profile Charlie

Mark Lindsay is the old man of the pair. He’s traveled western Europe, lived in 14 states, and has visited 25 others. Born in 1961, he has a lot to “get off my lawn” about. He’s a major fan of classic comedy, blues guitar, and just plain being nice to one another.

Eloy Escagedo

Eloy Escagedo grew a beard so folks would leave him alone. Lives with his dog and is the younger half of this most excellent podcast.  He’s of the 80s, plays and writes music and enjoys a good bowl of clam chowder under the hot Florida sun.

“I can always go back and re-write this but this is the truth of the matter”