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    Trampled Underfoot Podcast – 133 – Comfortably Dumb

    In Episode 133 of the Trampled Underfoot Podcast: Does a person’s attitude, likability, or personality change as we age, or do we maintain the same type of personality throughout our lives? Mark Lindsay has some opinions about it that might be just the opposite of what you think. Eloy Escagedo then shares his thoughts following his viewing of a video concerning a scientific round-table discussion of the Cambrian Explosion. They came to the conclusion that the math just doesn’t add up. Had enough time passed since the earth’s creation for such complex organisms to naturally evolve? Next the conversation gets into a scientific study that led to what’s become known…

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    Trampled Underfoot Podcast – Episode 50 – Undiscovered Cousins

    In this episode, we talk about ancestry DNA tests for genealogical purposes and how they work. Eloy took an ancestry test, so Mark and Eloy talk about that. It turns out there’s a lot more than meets the eye. Is it possible there could be a connection between two guys from different decades, backgrounds, and on opposite sides of the continent who discuss life, the universe, and everything? This and many other topics on this eye-opening episode of The Trampled Underfoot Podcast!