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Trampled Underfoot – 024 – Nuggets and Cougars and Bears – Oh My

Oh this is a fun one! All about wild animals and mechanically separated foods!

Doc Jared Hildabrant joins us for a scintillating discussion about Dino Shaped Nuggets, Mystery Turkey, and Mechanically separated meats. I know, it’s weird but we hang out with Doc and start off on those topics. What can we say? We wash it down with Crafted beers and Wine Tasting and a few experiences we’ve had with vineyards in Florida and other locations. That wine sneaks up on you!

Mark talks about the blackberry bushes he use to raid when he was a kid. But the Grandparents were fine with that as long as he washed the fruit before eating. Doc talks about deer in PA. They are hanging out in town more and more. They just roll up on you. They look unnatural.

Eloy talks about the awesome power of panthers. There are a lot of funny moments and it’s an animal themed episode. Check it out!

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