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    Trampled Underfoot Podcast – 150 – Political and Spiritual Double Yolk

    In Episode 150 of the Trampled Underfoot Podcast: Do we have a filter on what we talk about? Well, certain topics are not too appealing such as politics, which just ruins everything. Mark Lindsay and Eloy Escagedo discuss! Then, we talk about people from now a days, and whether we really communicate with each other. Are we just waiting to say our thing, while others are rambling? Our opinion is all that really matters, while others can just go pound sand, right? It’s an interesting subject on what is going on and we have some points of our own to make. Next, Mark shares a happening over some hailstorm damage…

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    Trampled Underfoot Podcast – 108 – 100 Years Into The Future

    In Episode 108 of the Trampled Underfoot Podcast, the hosts discuss the fact that tourist expectations are wildly different than what locals think about their hometowns. They talk a little bit about Miami and Hawaii and their observations on the subject. The next topic is about having a working title and artwork for this episode, but things went terribly wrong at YouTube. Eloy Escagedo and Mark Lindsay talk about how YouTube canceled three different Live Streams they tried to set up to record this episode, and censorship in general. Then they diverge into a magazine article written back in 1901. The writer tried to envision what the future would look…

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    Trampled Underfoot Podcast – Episode 64 – Season of the Witch

    Those things that went bump in the night? They are still in our memories from when we were kids. Do you remember that half-opened door? The creature that lived under the bed? As kids we sure did have self preservation in mind! On this special Trampled Underfoot Podcast Halloween episode, we talk about things that spooked us as kids. Mark then tells us a scary story from out West. Never pick up a hitchhiker, it may scare the life out of you! We then talk about people taking to the sea with basic equipment, in order to find a safe haven in Florida. Oh, there’s much to be talked about…

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    Trampled Underfoot Podcast – Episode 53 – Woodstock Was Killer

    People, places, and things just keep getting older all the time. What do we mean? Well, do you need glasses yet? Eloy does, and he finally did something about it! The 50th anniversary of the Woodstock Music and Art Faire was this past weekend, and of course we had talk about it – everything from the bands, the movie, the record album that came out of the music celebration, the reasons why it was such a huge event at the time, and facts about the 3 day event you may not know! We then talk a bit about dynamic voices and music styles. Whitney or Dolly? Harry or Mariah? Or…

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    Trampled Underfoot Podcast – Episode 52 – Our 1 Year Anniversary

    One year ago, we started down this road that branched into many different directions. Conversations and stories add meaning to our lives and we pass those on to our friends, family and to generations after us. We make no excuses about what we like. Music, history, funny life situations, pop culture, and more! On this episode Eloy Escagedo and Mark Lindsay talk about the first season of The Trampled Underfoot Podcast and then get into an interesting series of music topics. Everything from cringe-worthy MTV videos to Ted Nugent in a loincloth, music recording, and The Beatles. There is also a lot more as well, so enjoy this special episode…

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    Trampled Underfoot Podcast – Episode 51 – Neighbors are Nosy and People are Oblivious

    In this day and age, YouTube celebrity stature can be thrust upon someone and it’s possibly more powerful than say, Hollywood famous. There are TV stars that wish they were internet famous like many of these people we know. We’re putting ourselves out there for public consumption… but are we well known? Mark Lindsay and Eloy Escagedo get into this topic, and share a few encounters with B movie actors that we know are famous by looking at them, but can’t really name them. We talk about these social media sites and question if they are manipulating us. Is everything a racket these days? We then get into a great…

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    Trampled Underfoot Podcast – Episode 49 – Moon Landing – Can you keep a secret?

    In this episode, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Mark Lindsay and Eloy Escagedo talk about this seminal moment in not just American history, but world history. Man’s first steps on the moon! The Trampled Underfoot crew can’t help but dive into the official and unofficial story. How can hundreds of thousands of people keep a secret of a conspiracy? Well Mark and Eloy share different scenarios and opinions on this loaded topic. We also talk about the efforts put into YouTube videos, and is it worth it? These conversations are fun and take a lot of twists. The Trampled Underfoot Podcast team gets into…

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    Trampled Underfoot Podcast – Episode 48 – Netflix – Cool 80s – Learning to Drive

    In an attempt to lighten up the topics this week, Mark and Eloy talk about the rise of Netflix, and the Stranger Things series. As is our style, we smoothly switch to the topic of very cool things that came about in the early 80s. This, of course, then digresses into a discussion about the cars of the day, and earlier, then learning to drive. Believe it or not, we bring up several other topics and have more cool conversations too. Sit back, relax, check it out, and enjoy!

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    Trampled Underfoot Podcast Episode – 46 – Google, Simon Bolivar, and South America

    In this episode of The Trampled Underfoot Podcast Eloy Escagedo and Mark Lindsay talk about those congressional hearings with Google. Are they manipulating the data for nefarious reasons? Has there been an end to civil discourse? Can people with opposing opinions be nice to one another, or is that a dead practice? Then we go way out into left field and talk about Simon Bolivar, South America, and how history is written by the winners. This episode is a bit more somber than the previous episodes, but we hope you’ll enjoy it.

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    Trampled Underfoot Podcast Episode – 45 – Our Bottom Six Worst Albums

    Back in Episode 43, we counted down our Top 10 Favorite Albums of all time. In this episode Mark Lindsay and Eloy Escagedo count down their 6 worse albums of all time. We call it the Bottom 6. Oh, you will probably have conflicting thoughts on our choices. But there’s a lot of fun in this one. We also touch on some funny moments from back when you had to take your film rolls to be processed. Believe us, it’s a trip of a podcast! This was a fun topic so kick back and check it out!