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Trampled Underfoot Podcast – 107 – Eat Crow

In Episode 107 of the Trampled Underfoot Podcast, Eloy and Mark begin by talking about re-occurring numbers. Most of us have noticed a particular set of numbers that seem to follow us through our lives. Coincidence, or is there something more to it? There is a famous Beatle that had a certain number constantly appear through his life. Can you guess who?

The guys then switch over to a topic suggested by a loyal listener through our Facebook page, by discussing Cover Tunes. They talk about covers that were more popular than the original, which covers they really didn’t like, and tunes that they didn’t even know were covers. Some of them were a surprise. Which rework of songs do you think came out better than the original?

A lot of rock music talk, and its a lot of fun. Come jam with us!

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