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Trampled Underfoot Podcast – Episode 77 – Working On Mysteries Without Any Clues

This week we put on our exploration hats, and strike out for adventure! We get into the romanticized image of the Old American West, and look at our perception of the time versus reality. We take apart the sanitized version of the Old West that was fed to us by movies, radio, and TV, then get into the iconic movie that blew that entire pop culture genre apart.

We then wade into potentially dangerous waters by discussing the culture and ethnicities that populated the New World. There are people that trace their origins back to various countries in the old world, so what were their stories? Why were they ignored in the popular culture for so many decades? Mark Lindsay and Eloy Escagedo discuss it, give their opinions, and try to break down the facts as they know them. Are they wrong?

There is so much covered in this episode of The Trampled Underfoot Podcast, yet so much more to discover. Check it out!

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