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    Trampled Underfoot Podcast – 177 – Copyright or Copywrong?

    In this fun-filled episode of the Trampled Underfoot Podcast, we start off the discussion with a trip to the grocery store. Eloy set out to buy a bottle of vegetable oil. Seems simple enough, right? How could this start any controversy? Let’s just say that pricing was an issue – and not in the way that you’re probably thinking. Totally switching gears, Mark Lindsay introduces a topic that was inspired by a recent YouTube video he watched (go figure, right?) The video featured a gentleman who plays classical music pieces on piano, and the score to that music is displayed on the screen as he plays it. As an April…

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    Trampled Underfoot Podcast – 176 – Eclectic Variety

    We start off the discussion on YouTube channels that react to Rock Music and how it’s great to hear other people’s points of view of songs we discovered decades ago. This leads to reminiscing on other related thoughts about music. We then talk about communication, encounters with famous people, and friends we’ve met in real life after first meeting them online. We then go on with an eclectic variety of fun topics. Be sure to check out this episode of the Trampled Underfoot Podcast! We record LIVE every Tuesday evening at 9:30 pm Eastern, 6:30 pm Pacific time. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, click that notification bell, then come join…

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    Trampled Underfoot Podcast – 108 – 100 Years Into The Future

    In Episode 108 of the Trampled Underfoot Podcast, the hosts discuss the fact that tourist expectations are wildly different than what locals think about their hometowns. They talk a little bit about Miami and Hawaii and their observations on the subject. The next topic is about having a working title and artwork for this episode, but things went terribly wrong at YouTube. Eloy Escagedo and Mark Lindsay talk about how YouTube canceled three different Live Streams they tried to set up to record this episode, and censorship in general. Then they diverge into a magazine article written back in 1901. The writer tried to envision what the future would look…

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    Trampled Underfoot Podcast – Episode 82 – Exaggeramous

    One time, Mark and Eloy cleared a whole Google Hangout just by touching on the subject of Ancient Egypt. They have certain powers, you could say. Well they talk about that at the start, and then move on to lessons they learned from their parents, which then trickles into the subject of YouTube and the direction it has gone in the past few years. Should you get into making YouTube videos? Curiously, they then ask and answer the question about preserving information digitally as opposed to physically. It’s an interesting conversation on a variety of subjects, so check it out! We record LIVE every Tuesday evening at 9:30 pm Eastern,…

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    Trampled Underfoot Podcast – Episode 59 – Podcastica!

    So, which rabbit hole did Eloy fall into this week? Fair warning – it could make a person lose their faith in humanity. What is the Rhyme as Reason Effect? Could we really be brainwashed by a cute little advertising jingle just because it rhymes? They also discuss disruptive people – folks who just love to create drama in the neighborhood and discord within the family. They get to share some interesting view points on these topics and a lot more in Episode 59 of The Trampled Underfoot Podcast.  

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    Trampled Underfoot Podcast – Episode 51 – Neighbors are Nosy and People are Oblivious

    In this day and age, YouTube celebrity stature can be thrust upon someone and it’s possibly more powerful than say, Hollywood famous. There are TV stars that wish they were internet famous like many of these people we know. We’re putting ourselves out there for public consumption… but are we well known? Mark Lindsay and Eloy Escagedo get into this topic, and share a few encounters with B movie actors that we know are famous by looking at them, but can’t really name them. We talk about these social media sites and question if they are manipulating us. Is everything a racket these days? We then get into a great…

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    Trampled Underfoot Podcast – Episode 49 – Moon Landing – Can you keep a secret?

    In this episode, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Mark Lindsay and Eloy Escagedo talk about this seminal moment in not just American history, but world history. Man’s first steps on the moon! The Trampled Underfoot crew can’t help but dive into the official and unofficial story. How can hundreds of thousands of people keep a secret of a conspiracy? Well Mark and Eloy share different scenarios and opinions on this loaded topic. We also talk about the efforts put into YouTube videos, and is it worth it? These conversations are fun and take a lot of twists. The Trampled Underfoot Podcast team gets into…

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    Trampled Underfoot Podcast Episode – 40 – YouTube? MeTube!

    We’re talking first world problems here folks. Many YouTube video creators have seen their views drop in the past year and a half. Well they are not the only ones seeing numbers drop! When Google’s parent company lost $70 billion in market capital, they decided YouTube was to blame. Could these two events be connected? Join Mark Lindsay and Eloy Escagedo as they discuss it. There’s lots more to enjoy as well, so click the link and give it a listen!  

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    Trampled Underfoot Podcast Episode – 38 – Stevie, Jimi, and the Whale

    In this episode Mark Lindsay and Eloy Escagedo talk rock legends. We tackle the conversation of who’s better? SRV or Jimi Hendrix? Well we love them both, but we go into the details of their guitar licks and styles. So much to cover in this one, you will enjoy it. Oh, we also tell the tale of a whale out in Oregon that washed up on the shore. The locals had to figure out how to remove it from the beach so they did the unthinkable. Enjoy!