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Trampled Underfoot – 017 – Midlife is the New Spring Chicken

In This Episode

Mark and Eloy are once again joined by Steve Nealon! Are you always being boxed into a certain role by people and the world at large? Do folks pick one attribute of yours and type cast you forever in that part? It’s also easy to type cast yourself too. It’s easy to close yourself off. We discuss this topic in the context of projects, work, and social life.

Trampled Underfoot also talk about the theft of ideas. You build an item and folks take those product photos off of Instagram and Facebook and post them as their own online. What is the line between free to copy and outright stealing? We mention a bunch of friends that work in the Maker Community like: Bobby Duke, Heath Knuckles, Michael Zurcher and Ray Pena.

Finally We talk about the most affordable website you can have as a Maker.

Websites for Makers by Makers.

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