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Trampled Underfoot – 021 – 1800s People Had An Amazon That Delivered

Did you know that there was a time that the Sears Catalog was the Amazon of the day? Discover how people back before the internet and even further when TV was not around, could get most anything delivered to their front door. It is an amazing conversation in this episode of Trampled Underfoot.

Other topics we touch on are: Banana Records in the 70s, Capital Records, CDs, iTunes, Amazon music, Used Record stores in the 80s, Yesterday and today’s Records in Miami, The resurgence of vinyl and so much more!

This is a great episode, make sure not to miss it because we also talk about events that happened in 1961 when Mark Lindsay was born. As well as what happened in 1975 when Eloy Escagedo was born. Lots off fun facts and pop history in this episode!

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