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Trampled Underfoot Podcast – 036 – Cuban Elvis

On this episode of the Trampled Underfoot Podcast, we start on a more serious note. Eloy tells us about a neighbor of his who is in his 70s, and spent some time in prison in Cuba. Eloy relates this story of what a man loses when everything is taken away from him. Mark and Eloy get into a short discussion about the freedom we have, and sadly tend to take for granted.

We get into a discussion about moving away from home, then returning. What sparks a migration? What makes a person leave their home to create a new one in an unknown land? How do you make a truck float?

Then we completely change gears as Eloy tells us about a YouTube channel he found, that focuses on Elvis’ history and pinpoints the spots where he performed, and photographs of him were taken. Of course we talk about the Beatles too. How would you like to live on Abbey Road?

Lots of fun and some really random discussions in this one…