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Trampled Underfoot Podcast – 101 – Home Room 101

This week, on Episode 101 of the Trampled Underfoot Podcast, Eloy Escagedo explains why and how he spent a good part of Junior High school kissing some girl in the hallway. Mark Lindsay talks about his rather boring school days in the SF Bay Area. They then get into a fun exchange about the blending of cultures in America, and some of the great things about so many people coming to this country from other nations. Things switch over to a discussion about making money as a youth – everything from mowing lawns to getting that first job. Mark and Eloy then discuss the apparent lack of discipline in the world today. Is it because we don’t teach kids about independence and self reliance these days? You be the judge!

While it sounds like a heavy episode, it’s all light hearted, with a lot of nostalgia and fun. Relax and enjoy!

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