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Trampled Underfoot Podcast – 169 – The Sweet Tooth of Civility

In this episode of Trampled Underfoot Podcast, Mark Lindsay declares his love of Marshmallow Peeps. Is the return of a long dormant sweet tooth a result of age, or is it simple nostalgia? The hosts explore the possibilities, while keeping an eye on their respective snacks.

Eloy Escagedo then introduces a discussion about rudeness in general, and a growing lack of civility in today’s society. What caused us to become so selfish and self centered? Can we ever pull ourselves back from the constant arguments and disregard for one another as fellow humans?

Rude drivers, nasty people, chocolate rabbits, Easter Eggs, and our quest to try to live our comfortable modern lives are discussed and commented on in the way that only the Trampled crew can. Pull up a beverage and enjoy!

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